Trade Waste

The Water Supply and Sewerage Services Act (NT) defines trade waste as "liquid or liquid borne waste generated from any industry, business, trade, manufacturing process or similar that is approved for discharge to sewer but does not include wastewater from a toilet, shower, hand basin or similar fixture".

Power and Water will accept trade waste into the sewerage system provided the discharger holds a Power and Water approval to discharge to sewer and complies with the conditions of the approval and the Trade Waste Code.

For information on pre-treating your trade waste read the Trade waste pre-treatment equipment guide.

If you are in the retail food industry read the Managing greasy waste in the retail food industry fact sheet.

If you are in the automotive and engineering industries, read the Trade Waste Management for the Automotive/Engineering Industry fact sheet.

The Trade Waste Section is responsible for the implementation and ongoing operation and maintenance of the Trade Waste Management System. Key objectives include:

  • Identify all customers that discharge trade waste to sewer;
  • Ensure trade waste dischargers complete a Trade Waste Application;
  • Assess customers' discharge for compliance with the Trade Waste Acceptance Guidelines;
  • Issue Trade Waste Discharge Permits to compliant customers; and
  • Provide advice and guidance to non-compliant customers on pre-treatment equipment requirements.

Approval of grease arrestors and grease reduction devices - information for businesses and consultants.

Trade Waste Application

For Further information please contact the Trade Waste Section on