Backflow Prevention

Backflow is the unwanted flow of water from the internal water supply on a customer’s premises to Power and Water’s potable water supply system.

Backflow can occur if a section of water main is isolated for maintenance or there is a loss of pressure in a water main due to a broken pipe or similar.  It may also occur if a pump system is connected to a customer’s internal water supply system. 

Backflow from a non-potable supply has the potential contaminate the drinking water supply. Our customer brochure has more information on why backflow prevention is important.

Properties identified as presenting a risk to the safety and security of the potable water supply will be required to install the appropriate testable backflow prevention device.

All properties developed after 1 July 2009 are required to comply with the Backflow Prevention Strategy and all existing properties identified as presenting a risk must achieve compliance.

Developers and builders should read the Backflow Prevention Manual for further assistance with the process. We have further guides for Commercial and Industrial and Domestic developments.

The property owner, licensed plumber and Power and Water will need copies of the Notice of Installation, Valve Test Certification Report and Air Gap and Registered Break Tank Certification Report.

If you intend to remove a backflow prevention device from the register, please see the application form.