Application for installation of standby generator

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In compliance with the service and installation rules I/we apply for permission to install a standby generating plant at the above premises.

I/We understand Power and Water Corporation may store personal information in paper and electronic formats. Power and Water take steps to ensure the security of all information provided by maintaining a secure environment accessed only by authorised personnel. However, any data sent over the internet or stored on internet servers cannot be guaranteed to be fully secure. These activities are undertaken at your risk.

Important: Approval for the installation of a standby generator is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The installation shall comply with all the requirement of the service and installation rules.
  2. Operation of the standby generator is only permitted when:
    1. Power and Water Corporation supply is not available or
    2. for a short period not exceeding one hour per week, when the consumer wishes to load and test run the standby plant.